Astronacci Trading Room is an acceleration program to increase Your investment capital aggresively and significantly. Our professional traders team, which is being lead directly by Gema Goeyardi will provide Live Entry-Exit Trading Signals in a realtime when the markets are open. We will tell You to trade the very best profitable stocks, including Bluechips and Penny Stocks, packed with a professional platform. This program has started since March 2011 and booked up to 200% realized profits (Validated by UOBKayHian Securities Indonesia – Kelapa Gading Branch).

Why Astronacci?

In Indonesia Stock Exchange, at least there are 360 stocks that could yield us 5-10% each trading day in a year. In other word, You will have a possibility to see at least one or two of them rise aggressively untill the end of the trading hours. It’s so incredibly fantastic, isn’t it? Now the question is, how can we find the proper way to buy the right stock that will consequently rise?
s t r o n a c c i Trading Room is the only best solution that will help You to find one of those stocks everyday.

A s t r o n a c c i Trading Room
1. Allows You to get the best trading portfolio, at least 10 stocks every month with a potensial profit of 5% per stock will be recommended.
2. Maintain Our Winning rate more than 60%

So, The End of month We are going to WIN 2 BATTLES with each 5% Profit, that means you will get 10% return from your investment capital each month or 214% per year!

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1. With just Rp10,000,000 (ten millions rupiah) invested in the beginning
2. Assumed that the net return (including trading commisions and finalized tax of PPH 21) 10% per month

By compounding the rate of return for 12 months, Your investment will grow to Rp31,384,284 atau 214% per year!

Astronacci Performance 

ut, many people had learned that those raw calculations printed on the paper were far to excessive than what would trully happen in the reality. So, let’s say that only 10% of the estimated return above can be realized. Interestingly, You still have 21% return secured on Your pocket.

Wow… it yield three times larger than the current interest rates that we get if we deposit our money in banks. Wouldn’t it be so fascinating to have such opportunity?


So, if You are an active trader, then Astronacci will be the stove and the fire for the master chef, while our trading room will be the recipe and spices.

- Using Astronacci Market Timing to pick stocks when they are about to go up. This condition can only be detected early with rotation cycles and planets revolution through Astronacci.
- Only stock with high volatility, liquidity and unquestionable fundamental factors will be taken as our consideration.
- Great analyst team that highly qualified and experienced in Stock, Forex and Commodity Market.

Since this day, the business of the stock market will be an incredible feast for You and Your beloved family, for it has already processed with skills, ingredients and high quality recipes.



 Trading Result from our clients with real trading account (Verified)! (Click the picture)

Trading Result1 Trading Result2 Trading Result3 Trading Result4
               Profit IDR 748,638,500                  Profit IDR 43,225,000                   Profit IDR 39,715,924                    Profit IDR 77,097,000


Enter Trading Room

After Join with Astronacci, You will get user name and password that can be used to log in at our Special Platform that has been provided by us.
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Using our Platform, You can consult with a team of analysts and chatted with fellow traders. More over, You will get Trading Signal such as:

Morning Briefing

Before the market started, Astronacci will give You reviews of today price movement and the war strategy via Email.

Entry-Exit Signal
During the market time, You will receive the recommendation to buy or sell stocks Via Email, SMS, Broadcast Messages using Yahoo Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger.

Preview Trading Room

Trading Room1


Trading Room2

Red carpet

Join with Astronacci Trading Room and make sure that you will be walking along the red carpet to the billionaire chair this year...



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